Friday, September 14, 2007

the boyfriend sweater

well, actually husband. but it's the old story - knit your boyfriend a sweater and the relationship will be over soon after. now, i don't believe for a second that my marriage will be over once i complete his sweater, but for some reason i've been procrastinating. i started it in november of last year, and haven't looked at it since last christmas. and i have lots of other things that i'd love to be working on, but i refuse to take on a new project until i finish the sweater. i have to learn intarsia to finish the sleeves, maybe that's what's stopping me...

i'm making him a male adapted version of the "skully" sweater from the first stitch 'n' bitch book. i'm committing to all of you to finish this sweater before hannukkah. no christmas, it's further away. i'll keep you posted. it's the photo on the left, the one with the skulls. i'm making it in charcoal grey with black skulls though, as that is what my local yarn store had in stock at the time.


tara said...

Marc's cousin Sylvia made that exact sweater for herself a couple of years ago only she made it a charcoal grey and it kicked ass! It made me decide to finally perfect my knitting skills in the hopes of one day making one for myself. It turned out awesome! Especially on a chick.

Martha (Marthanna) said...

I'm workingon the Skully Sweater's very easy to work up and looks awesome so far.

My BF and I both plan on wearing it! :)

I'm using Cascade 128 in black and cream! Good luck!