Friday, September 21, 2007

apartment therapy? envy?

I have been loving Jordan's farewell tour posts on her and her husband's apartment. As someone who loves my own apartment so very much, I love love seeing what other people in my age group who also rent can do with their spaces. While I do always frequent the slideshows on apartment therapy NY and SF, too often they are filled with renovations that I either a) can't afford, or b) can't do because I don't own my apartment - but they're fabulous inspiration!

Jordan's place is lovely, and I am almost sad for her that they are moving. But I'm sure that their new place will be just as lovely, and they get to start all over, my favourite part of the moving process!

Her shelves have inspired me to dust off my two wooden shelves on my sun porch and put them to good use. They have also inspired me to finally share my apartment with you, as promised. Soon.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw her armoire. It's incredible! She has such a great eye, and taste.

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