Saturday, September 29, 2007

apartment snaps: 2

Howdy all, we're off to a party at Dan's shortly, so I'll keep it brief. Today we are touring the office. This is actually the only bedroom in our apartment, but when LB started working from home, we realized that his makeshift office in the dining room was not going to cut it so we got very creative.

This is the view into the office. LB likes a big workspace, so the desk is actually the table from our 50s diner set that we will now be using as our actual kitchen table and chairs (hurrah for the eat in kitchen of my dreams!). Above is a vignette I created with our initials, and a Vogue cover from 1941 that I fell in love with.

This is my corner. I work all over the house, I'm not very stationary, and I often have more than one job on the go. As a result, I rely on a well-organized home base. I keep my wedding references, sewing books and supplies, every issue of Domino and Blueprint, my craft supplies and my magazine inspiration files all together. My mom bought me the faux-antique dressmaker's form for my birthday and I love it. I always want to dress it up. My grandpa Red made my cousin Tara and I matching trunks for Christmas the year I was 6. We both still have them. They've come everywhere with us, and are none the worse for wear. I can't wait to make it my kids' "tickle trunk" as we used to call it. (Big Mr Dressup fans here!!!) I also love my bertoias. I found them online for cheap, which makes them even better.

This is the other corner, opposite my space. We bought the white dresser and shelf at the Great Glebe Garage sale this year for a total of $6. As you might guess from the collection of children's books and stuffed toys on it, we figured that for $6, it was never too early to start amassing potential nursery furniture. Those books were all mine and my brother's, and the yellow turtle was my first stuffed animal. The other dresser is LB's. He's used it almost his entire life, it's beautiful wood, and we have two small bookcases that match it, he unfortunately outgrew the bed a long time ago. (He's a tall one, my hubby!) I managed to get the coordinated frames on clearance at the Bay. In the middle is my favourite picture of my mom and I from my first birthday party. So much fun!!!

Tomorrow - the dining room/bedroom/tv area/library...have a fabulous night all!

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tara said...

Alas my trunk I believe only says "ra" now. Those stick on letters I don't think are meant to last 20+ years...