Thursday, September 27, 2007

apartment snaps: 1

Well, it's official. We're moving. We signed the papers, faxed our lives away, and we are now the proud owners of the funny little green giant house. We're toying with far, we like the "l'il green giant" or the "jolly green giant", but we are also pretty bad at naming things. But I love named houses...

So, I've decided to follow through on my threats and subject you to a tour of our apartment, starting with the living room/ foyer.

When you enter our apartment, this is the first thing you see. It's my favourite corner of the apartment. Now, I threw Laurin's shower in July, but I love being wished best wishes every time I come home, and the colours are so right that I have kept it up. The big club chair and matching ottoman are from Loblaws, they were an engagement gift from my in-laws. The lamp behind it is from my aunt Diane, it's a lovely bit of Canadiana, with the bark base and maple leaf shade. The console table is also form Loblaws, the animals on it were a gift from my mom- I love ceramic "pets". Above the table is a set of three family portraits, and to the left is a painting by a Danish painter who was a very good friend of my aunt's. LB's parents had it reframed for our 2nd wedding anniversary. Through the door is our office (which is actually the only bedroom in our 1-bedroom apartment). The teak coffee table was left in my parents' new house when they moved in, and the Persian was a wedding gift from my aunt Judi.

Turning to the right, we have our cds tucked away on the wall (and we now buy electronic version through itunes in an attempt to reduce clutter), and you will notice my terribly tacky and beloved flocked pirate ship paintings. Not familiar with flocking? Nor was I, until mom and dad moved into their new house and gave me these. It is when you apply velvet to a painting to give it texture. The ships are velvet. In the window is a watercolour horse that Ruby Ewen painted for LB's bar mitzvah, and a pouf that I made for Laurin's shower and have kept up. The two chairs are both finds- the one on the left cost me $30 at a yard sale (she wouldn't bargain!) and the one on the right came from the garbage on our street, I simply refinished the wood. The table in between is a Singer machine table. And while the machine does not work, I use it for sewing and storage. The little birdcages are from a store window display at Aritzia. Turns out if you spend a lot of money, and ask politely, they give you the displays. That door leads to our sun porch - which is a glamorous way of saying storage.

Further to your right is our sideboard. When I was in my second apartment, my dad built me this dresser for my clothes. It's amazing, but it's HUGE. We now use it to store all of our wine glasses, our bar, and all of our serving dishes, china, and extra IKEA dishes. We have a ton of stuff, which will be a challenge as our new house does not have a formal dining room. In front of it is my favourite chair, from IKEA, which we bought on a whim and love. It's Madison's chair, as she can stretch around in it. The other chair is actually already gone - we gave it to a friend. While we liked it when we bought it, it clearly does not fit into our decor scheme. This is also our entrance, but I'm not going to torture you with the scariness of the hall closet.

Opposite the sideboard and over a bit, is our newest garage sale find - the james bond bar. The front rotates to reveal two hidden shelves. Next to it is a chair that my aunt Judi found in the garbage in Toronto (and on it is my black Marc Jacobs bag, which did not come from the garbage). On top is one of my favourite displays - the trifle bowl was a centrepiece at Steph's wedding, with lemons I added, a couple of yard sale books, and then my two Jonathan Adler animals- chirpy boy and longneck...I bought them at the Alder show in Soho and we are planning to add to it whenever we travel to cities where Adler is sold. Now you might be wondering about the wallpaper... it too is from an old Aritzia store display - I managed to score 7 rolls when they took it down. We love confusing people with it - as we do actually have a wall of books in the other room. They are all philosophy books, and since LB did his graduate work in political philosophy, even he had to support my buying clothes in order to get them for free.

Finally, this shows you the room when we are entertaining a big crowd for dinner. Flip a bit of the furniture and you're laughing. We've had 16 for dinner in here on more than one occasion. I'm going to miss that a LOT. Tomorrow, I'll share the dining room/bedroom/TV area - we're a little loopy around here! Bonne nuit.

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tara said...

My friend Alison totally has that same lampshade at her folks' camp! It's on a different base and I think the shade is smaller but without seeing yours closeup I'm still almost positive it's the same one.