Friday, September 14, 2007


as a child, i loved merit badges / achievement awards. in fact, who am i kidding? i love them now. i was a high-achieving brownie, girl guide, pathfinder, swimmer, and student. remember those canada fitness tests? i even liked the maroon ones i repeatedly got for my excellence in "participation", otherwise known as "you suck at gym and you wore a dress and sandals on the day that we did the test". but i showed them. one year, i actually wore sneakers on the right day, and i got bronze. that was a big day.

on the topic of personal merit badges, i'm giving myself a gold star or whatever i decide to design for me. as you will recall, i said on monday that i was going to try and set myself up to succeed this week by setting out five small manageable goals for the week, and it worked. i've had the best week i've had in a long time this week, in large part because i didn't beat myself up for not achieving my usual colossal goals. to recap, i was to:
  • run 30 mins each morning mon-fri
  • go to bed at 10pm each night from sun-thurs
  • stick to chore chart
  • stick to meal plan
  • give myself a mani/pedi.

i am proud to report that i have stuck to all of my goals and feel great for having done so. the weekend will allow me to continue being kind to myself, but i will not be going to be at 10pm. i will be thinking of new goals for next week, but i think that a few may stay the same. you have to do something for three weeks straight in order for it to become a habit. or so they say.

have a superb weekend everyone! get out to your local farmers' markets while there is still good local produce!

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