Thursday, August 02, 2007

a true jonah day...

When Anne of Green Gables has children, I believe that it is in the 6th book - Anne of Ingleside, she has a terrible day where everything goes wrong, the kids are terrors, and if I remember correctly, someone sits on a cake, and she calls it a "jonah day" - when things seem almost as bad as if you were living inside a whale...

I'm having a jonah day, blogosphere. I woke up with a bad IBS attack, courtesy of a lovely dinner topped with wine and cheese at the in-laws' last night, and then managed to get up and get ready thanks to my pre-selected outfit and accessories, and throw some toast in the toaster. Things were starting to look up - big multigrain toast with pb and my mom's homemade raspberry jam. I go to sit down, wearing my lovely cream satin dress from Zara and manage to flip my toast into my lap. So of course I start freaking out b/c I've pre chosen this outfit and now it's ruined and now what else can I wear today and it'll never come clean, etc...poor LB. Then I proceed to get up and head to the bedroom to inspect the damage - nothing doing, it needs to be washed ASAP. As I turn away, I manage to poke myself in the eye with the TV antenna and then in a Hulk-like moment snap the end off b/c I've been kinda blinded and don't know what my hands are doing. I subsequently scrub the stain and soak the dress, and settle in for a lovely breakfast of cold toast (couldn't make more, we are out of bread as we're eating up what's in the house prior to holiday), cold coffee, cherry yogurt and banana. It was at least satisfying.

Then we walk to work (LB walks me every day, it's super cute, but today I should have known that I needed to cool down with the ipod) and I proceed to pick a couple of fights with him for no reason, and then manage to make it to work unscathed. Anne and I head down for coffee at 10am, but first we check out the new kate spade bags at Holt Renfrew (they are FAB!) and I manage to set off the alarm attached to the bag by touching it. It's a sign, I'm really not supposed to buy anything new. Now, I'm hunkered at my desk and plan on staying that way.

Forgive me an my foul mood...I've vented and now I feel better - hopefully if you're having a bad day it will make you feel better to laugh at me? Oh well... but see- it is a super cute dress...!!!!

Update: Just talked to LB - he rinsed out the dress and it appears to be fine. phew!

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