Thursday, August 16, 2007


I wore the campers today and everyone loved them, they went over like gangbusters! Hurrah for throwing caution to the wind and buying some very different I needed any persuading!

It poured rain today, during the exact time that I would normally be running...I took it as a sign and went back to bed until 7am. then I walked to work in the sun at 8am -such bizarre weather!

I had a fabulous lunch with Brooke at one of my favourite lunchtime haunts, the Green Papaya. Try the combination platter - 2 spring rolls, the curry of the day, the stirfry of the day and aromatic sticky rice -- just the right amount of food and you don't feel like you should have tried something else!!! We decided that dessert was definitely in order, so we hit Laura Secord for some ice cream. I absolutely recommend the crème brûlé, it was a stray away from my usual mint chocolate and the gamble paid off.

Bad work day, no bloggy about it though....happy Thursday everyone!!!

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