Friday, August 03, 2007

take a deep breath...

...and remember that you only have one day of work left before your holiday, Kaili. Today is Friday, and while that in and of itself is usually cause for celebration, it's the Friday before I leave on holiday. LB and I are headed to the West Coast for a BC adventure!!! We leave tomorrow morning at 8:20 and will spend two days in Vancouver with Phil, who stood for LB at our wedding and lives in the great neighbourhood of Kitsilano, then off to Whistler with my one and only Geneviève, then across to Kelowna, where we will have drinks with our friends Jen and Dante and then spend Thursday touring wineries in the Okanogan, and then Friday we are headed up to Kamloops where the aforementioned wedding of Kristie and Eric will take place. So much excitement I don't even know if I can stand it!

I visited Vancouver two summers ago and didn't really like it. But it's a city that I will have to learn to like, since it's likely that my brother and his girlfriend will end up there (she's from Vancouver but we love her anyways...) and it doesn't look like Gen's coming home anytime soon so we'll have to keep trekking across the country -that's going to mean a lot of carbon offsets!!! But I am determined to give Vancouver another really fair shot. It's a very active city, great shops, restaurants, fresh seafood, art, etc... it seems impossible that I not like it, but yet, here we are. I just didn't feel like it was a cohesive city, one with a feeling or a palpable vibe. Montreal has one, New York has one, Paris has one, even small towns like Guelph have one, so size isn't the only indicator. I'm really hoping that it sticks this time. We're going to eat at White Spot and ride tandem bikes around the seawall in Stanley Park, so it sounds like I could be back on track.

I will post while we're away to keep you in the loop...I will miss you, but not work!

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