Friday, August 31, 2007

stuck at home

this cold is beating me senseless...and i need to take it easy. Especially since i'm supposed to be hosting a party this evening. My brother's girlfriend Shannon is moving to England (but not forever, we have a deal!) and we want to send her off in style. So for this evening's festivities, although I've not been well enough to do as much fun stuff as I would have liked, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. British candy, british booze, british music, a lovely centrepiece based on the one with all of the bowls from this month's blueprint, and of course good food. My mom's helping me out, so her stuff will totally rock! (I believe that baked brie and hot spinach-artichoke dip are on the menu). If it works out, I'll post pics on Monday.

Other than that, I wish you all a fabulous Labour Day weekend. I for one have gloriously few plans and hope to keep it that way. Here's some highlights:

  • setting up my vintage Singer and fixing some clothes
  • Replacing the lost buttons on my flats with cute songbird ribbon
  • Cleaning and spraying all of my shoes for fall
  • Cleaning, spraying and stuffing all of my bags for fall
  • Organizing our sun porch
  • Organizing all mittens, scarves and hats for winter
And in case you think that it's all work and no play, here's the fun stuff:
  • long real estate bike rides with LB
  • going to our favourite breakfast spot, the Lieutenant's Pump, on Sunday
  • Short runs each morning
  • last chance to wear fun summer stuff
  • flip flops
  • a 'beef potluck' with my family to rehash our time at the ranch. (and although LB and Patricia came up with the wonderful idea that all dishes should have beef in them, my appetizers WON'T.)
So have a great one, and I'll post when possible, but back on Monday since I'll be working around the house.

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