Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Mountain Air...

We're up in Squamish at Gen and Pat's now. It's incredible to look out your bedroom window and see that kind of scenery. Gen says that anytime she thinks about moving back to Ontario, she just looks up and remembers why she loves it here so much.

We went up to Whistler and chilled on the Beach at Alta Lake (a glacier lake, so cold but refreshing!) and took their adorable dog Lily to swim at the Canine Cove - except she really refuses to swim, it's quite hilarious!!!! While we had a lovely picnic of brie, baguette, salami, veggies and hummus, Pat was getting his sleeve tattoo worked on - needless to say, I think that we lucked out in terms of afternoon activities, but his tat is coming along and starting to really take shape! We headed home for a delicious dinner of steak and veggies and watched The Office and laughed so hard we could barely breathe...man, that show is just fantastic, but Steve Carrell needs to stop spreading himself so thin - save it for the Office!!!!

Tuesday morning we visited Squamish, walked around town, went to a really cool ocean inlet where people were windsurfing, wakeboarding, etc... - it was cold but they didn't seem to mind! Then Pat took us to the everglades, which were just amazing, and where adventure white water rafting tours take their clients. We visited and Lily played, and we saw the cutest little field mouse! And there were waterfalls everywhere - it was like "oh, there's one, and there's one, and oh yeah...there's another!" Then we went home for a lovely dinner of jambalaya and the boys played video golf while Gen and I had time to get silly.

It was lovely, and great to see Gen, but now we're off to Kelowna for wine tours!!!

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