Monday, August 27, 2007

another confession

internet, i've cracked again. and i'm confessing only because i want to share the excitement! I bought the loveliest black dress on thursday!!!!! It's by a brand that is new to me and to Ottawa, Tiger of Sweden. I bought it at one of my favourite boutiques, trustfund (no site, but they're on Sussex across from the American embassy). I can't resist anything in that store. I wish that LB liked clothes, there are so many fab boy things that i would buy for him there. I will take a picture of it, it is that lovely. i'm bad but it's a big improvement. so far for fall i've only bought one pair of shoes and a dress. you don't even want to know what i had purchased at this time last year.

so my experiment, while deeply flawed in its execution, remains in progress.

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