Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hot child in the city

It's a whopping 34 degrees Celsius with the humidity here in Ottawa today...luckily I work in an air-conditioned office, but LB works from home and we have nothing more than a humble fan. I worry that he and Maddy are cooking in there.

Hot weather calls for careful dressing, especially when balanced against the a/c. Today I chose a tropical wool black sheath dress from Banana Republic (super deal, couldn't resist!), a big multi-strand beaded choker, and black and white peep toes (the kays, from Nine West). I also opted to wear my mom's gold wedding band instead of my white gold engagement/band combo. It's very 70s and retro, and just feels like summer, whereas mine is more formal and cooler (in tones, as my mom's just as cool as me, if not cooler!)

Top the whole thing off with a pair of giant shades, my fabulous black and white striped kate spade hat, and my kate spade coal tote, and you've got one little lady who's looking good and feeling relatively comfortable! Tonight, we're headed to my parents for a BBQ and swimming in the neighbours' pool with ice cream for dessert...think cool thoughts, folks!
It's just such a super summer bag - as usual, well done kate!

Monday, July 30, 2007

uh oh...

i've linked to my favourite blogs. so now i have to write. in case they ever visit...

it's so strange, how you can follow a blog for over a year and never meet the person, but feel like you know them and that you could be great friends. you get excited when they are, sad when they are, you ooh and ahh collectively over beautiful things, it's a whole other world.

A Summer Shower...

...bridal, of course! On Sunday July 22, I hosted a shower for my friend Laurin, who, as I mentioned, will be marrying Jason on Aug 25. I knew a couple of things: Laurin loves pink, Laurin loves finger sandwiches, Laurin loves coconut creme cakes, and I wanted to incorporate all of these things into a lovely afternoon at our apartment.

As the invitation said, the goal was to shower Laurin as she prepares for her upcoming wedding and I think that we accomplished that. Finger sandwiches, veggies, salad, tons of fruit courtesy of her future mother in law, lemon tarts, coconut creme cake, and of course licorice! (which, just for the record, I think that candy completes any sort of party buffet...)

I got the supplies for the paper pom poms at Michael's, from the Martha Stewart crafts line - I love it. However, now that I know how to make them, I doubt that I would shell out the $30 again, but it was a good way to learn. Even LB made one, and it was pretty good, if a little rumpled...The tablecloth is April Cornell, and I managed to incorporate my grandma Caroline's china into the decor scheme.

We had a lovely time, Laurin got some lovely gifts, and we all got a chance to ooh and aah about the gifts, play some funny games, win some prizes and eat some delish food. All in all, a success. I just got a thank you card from her future mother in law, so I couldn't have mucked it up too badly...Here's the bride to be with her DKNY lingerie:And here's our cat, Madison, who couldn't resist a chance to be in the centre of it all...luckily she's super cute and Laurin likes cats...I am quite pleased with the way things turned out, if I do say so myself...Good luck with everything Laurin, I'm thrilled to be a part of it all!!!

Hillside Wrap Up!

We just got back from fabulous Guelph, Ontario, where we attended the annual Hillside music festival. Over the past few years acts like the Arcade Fire, Feist, the Sadies, the Weakerthans, the Constantines, Metric (a veritable who's who of cool Canadian indie) have anchored the schedule. While Winn and Regine didn't make an appearance this year, we (LB, Tara, Marc and myself) were fortunate enough to have a great lineup of lesser-known bands to rock out, eat delish food and have fabulous cat naps to...

We arrived Friday night and checked in to the honestly amazing Norfolk Guest House (http://www.norfolkguesthouse.ca/ Janet is an incredible hostess!) and then headed out. Sustained by a dinner of pad thai, tandoori chicken, african peanut stew and some interesting Turkish concoctions Marc found, we enjoyed In-Flight Safety from Halifax, got stuck in the rain and then ended the night with a glorious energy-packed set by Toronto's Golden Dogs... Here's the gang in the rain:
Saturday morning, after a breakfast of waffles and bacon, we explored downtown Guelph's great shops, including a wealth of thrift/consignment stores, as well as a boutique that I highly recommend called Blush and then headed back to the island. After Friday's rain, we were so hot that we found the perfect nap spot down by the water. Luckily, this was right near our favourite stage, and we were graced with the talents of artists such as Forest City Lovers, Rock Plaza Central, Immaculate Machine(so great, buy their record!!!), The Besnard Lakes, Do Make Say Think, Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton, and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings... I guarantee that many of these bands will be part of the next wave of Canadian music making it big, especially Immaculate Machine, fronted by Katherine Calder - who I don't like in the New Pornographers (but it's not her fault, it's only b/c I love Neko so much, no one can replace her) but whose other work I find exciting, fun to listen and dance to...Here she is, rocking out!
Sunday morning was omelettes and good conversation at the Guest House, followed by the Gospel session and then the best workshop of the weekend: A tribute to the songs of the Band...such a fun sing along, it's amazing how everyone can relate to their music. Other highlights include the D'Ubervilles, OhBijou, and the one and only Ms. Ani DiFranco, who is now a new mommy! We were able to be stylish and stay cool, thanks to Tara's advance planning who brought the parasols we used at her wedding, and lots of fabulous cool summer clothes and occasional wading in the lake...Thanks to Tara and Marc for inviting us, we really had a ball!

Summer of Weddings

It's a busy one...lots of weddings. My cousin Tara and her new husband Marc got it kicked off on June 21 (beautiful ceremony, fabulous company and superb food and wine - Marc and Tara know how to throw a party!!!) See how fabulous they look - she's amazing!

And next is my cousin Kristie and her husband Eric, in Kamloops BC on August 11 - Eric's family's ranch was the set for the terrible but still brag-worthy movie An Unfinished Life starring Robert Redford, JLo and Morgan Freeman... Will post pics afterwards. It will be amazing and tons of fun - there's a contingent of 23 relatives heading out from Ontario - they won't know what hit them!

And last but certainly not least is my fabulous friend Laurin's wedding to her fantastic long-time boyfriend Jason. I am sooo excited for August 25, not least of which because I am the maid of honour. I recently threw her a shower, but will post that one seperately. It's going to be amazing, she has the best taste and I promise that the pics will be worth the trip!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

i like gold...

bags, especially. And although I don't need one, I am hoping for a cute little clutch to take me into fall and allow me to pull a little splash of colour out of my larger brown and black totes... this one from kate spade would do quite nicely, as usual...

Fall thoughts...

And while I wax poetic about the beauty and fabulousness of the Canadian summer, I can't help but think of fall. My friend Laurin and I have devoted much of our coffee time of late to daydreaming of fall - sweaters, dark colours, heavy fabrics, dark denims... you know what i mean. And my goal is to not buy a single new piece of clothing this fall, but rather to reappropriate my ridiculous amount of bags and shoes to serve my needs, along with my giant rubbermaid bin and closet filled with fabulous fall and winter clothes that I never wear cause I'm always trying to find something new and exciting...

I'm trying hard to reconcile my fashionista ways with my eco-sensibilities. Some days are easier than others, non? Et bien, for another post, another rant, another day...

Summer festivals

Living in Canada in the summer makes me lucky for many reasons. 1- It doesn't snow. 2- The sun shines for a few consecutive days. 3- Canadian beer (some...) is great and it tastes even better on a patio in the sun, and 4- Since we have a limited amount of fun summer at our disposal, Canadians tend to cram their summers full of fun stuff. My favourite is the constant circuit of festivals, we're so lucky!

We just had Bluesfest here in Ottawa (http://www.ottawa-bluesfest.ca/en/), and people can argues about the degrees of bluesiness of the artists who played, but the fact of the matter is that the White Stripes, Gogol Bordello, Final Fantasy, Robert Cray and Bela Fleck don't ever end up on the same program, and here they did.

Tomorrow, LB and I are packing up the car and meeting my fabulous cousin Tara and her new husband Marc in Guelph for the annual Hillside festival. (www.hillsidefestival.ca/) We are Hillside newbies, but Marc and Tara are old hands. We plan to relax, eat good food, listen to great music and enjoy the sights and sounds of a summer festival.

But the best part? Summer festivals require their own wardrobe. Thigns that you wouldn't necessarily wear to a show at a club are totally fine here, b/c you're sitting in the dirt and you need to be comfy and last for several hours at a time. Cute backpacks, rain jackets, and my chucks are de rigeur, while fun faves like my kate spade lobster top and my striped shorts are mixed in for style and comfort. Will report back with pics on Monday night!!!