Friday, July 21, 2006

We're never happy with what we've got...

Here we are...Beautiful, sweltering Canadian summer. Wearing sundresses galore, getting great use of the many pairs of havaianas purchased in Brazil, just generally enjoying life and the many summery cocktails that it has to offer.

And what am I doing? Seriously, I am planning my fall wardrobe. Honestly, can't lie about it. I have made an excel spreadsheet detailing everything that I hope to keep and wear this fall/winter and what I am missing in order to complete this anal retentive dream come true.

I know that wardrobe planning is key to wardrobe success, but I just feel like I should be enjoying the here and now and not planning for something that the stores have not even released.

but, in case you're wondering, I've decided to shop from my closet this year and get by with the basics of what I already own, plus a few extras.

Fall wish list:
- black cashmere tneck
- chocolate brown boiled wool tneck
- chocolate boots
- leather hobo- Marc Jacobs

The rest, I am going to pull from my already overloaded wardrobe. And my husband and I can live with the happy illusion that I won't buy anythign more than what's on my list.

ahh...if only life were that grand.

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