Monday, July 24, 2006

(d)Evolving Fashion

I know, we all lament about it at some point... why don't people get dresed up anymore? There's a great scene in Sex and the City season 4 (I think that it's episode 1 or 2) where Carrie and Big (seriously, all of that suspense, those six years, and his name is John? As GOB would say...c'mon!) are back to being friends and have a great conversation (scripted, of course, why am I never so witty?...oh wait, I am!) about bringing back the top hat and the watchfob. Now, I'm not advocating a return to period-specific dressing, but more of a return to a bit of mystery, a bit of effort. Premium denim means that people wear jeans absolutely everywhere these days, and that's okay, but please dress it up a bit, with some heels, or a nice top or blazer, or some great sneaks for guys... whatever, just please turn it up a notch. I'm tired of going to nice places, appropriately attired for the ambiance/situation, and being seated next to people in jeans, flip flops and undershirts. I end up looking overdressed (I know that this is Ottawa, peeps, I truly do understand that, but still!) and feel stupid for having made the effort since clearly it gets you nowhere with the hostess anyways...

But I digress... I sat down this morning to write about my own potential (d)evolving fashion sense. As I just said, I do make the effort when we go out, and when I go to work, shopping and other activities for which an outfit can be tailored, but I find that I get lazy in the summer. I'm going to the corner store in a tshirt dress, with my indoor Birks on my feet, and catch a glimpse of myself in the nearby window and kinda pause... when did I stop caring? And while I worry about this a bit in terms of my fashion sense, I am actually kinda pleased with myself. I've grown a bit, maybe, to the point where I can head out the door wearing crocs on my feet, running shorts, my soccer jersey, and my bike helmet, all topped off with my gant white paparzaai-fleeing sunglasses and not feel self-conscious about it (until I saw myself in the window at Hartman's that is...) I chalk it up to sports. Now that I have been running so much and biking and swimming and playing soccer, I end up always stuck between the athletic clothes I need to wear, and not caring cause I'm so tired when I'm done that a black tshirt dress seems like the perfect outfit for getting swedish berries in..

Bottom line, I've not given up, but I do feel that I've taken it down a notch. At least for the summer. Or until I iron some of my skirts and sundresses.

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